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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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advisers and on the north and east fronts sending their own
troops to help them. In the hands of these barbarous bandits
Entente rifles and Entente canons are sending death to the
Russian workers and peasants struggling for their life and

The same Entente Governments are the real source of
the military supplies, with the help of which our Polish,
Roumanian, Finnish and other adversaries from the west
are uninterruptedly attacking us and it was officially declared
in the French Chamber of Deputies and in the British House
of Commons that the policy of the Entente be now to send
against Soviet Russia the armies of these nationalities.

An American radio of May 6th sent from Lyons says us
most emphatically that the Entente announce [? encourages]
the movement of the troops headed by the Russian
counter-revolutionary general Yudenitch, which probably to attack
Petrograd, that the Entente expects that the Bolsheviki
will be forced to withdraw soon and that the associated
Governments intend connection herewith to abinde [? abide,
or accede] your plan of revictualling Russia.

While declaring that they have abandoned the idea of
intervention the associated Governments are in reality carrying
on the most reckless intervention policy and even the American
Government, despite all the statements to the contrary
published in the American press, seems at present wholly
dominated by the deplorable hostility of the Clemenceau
ministry against Soviet Russia.

This being the case, we are in a position to discuss cessation
of hostilities only if we discuss the whole problem of our
relations to our adversaries, that is in the first place to the
associated Governments. That means to discuss peace and
to open real negotiations bearing upon the true reasons of
the war waged upon us and upon those conditions that can
bring us lasting peace.

We are always ready to enter into peace negotiations and
we are ready to do it now as before, and we will be glad to
begin discussing these questions, but of course directly with
the other belligerents, that is with the associated Governments
or else with the persons empowered by the latter. But it
is of course impossible to us to make any concessions referring
to these fundamental problems of our existence under the
disguise of a presumably humanitarian work. This latter

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