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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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treaties were concluded with Great Britain and
with Germany, when the provisional trade
agreement with Italy was signed, and when the discussions
were carried on with the American senators
Goodrich and France.

Even though the negotiations had the advantage
of transferring the consideration of the Russian
problem from the political to the economic sphere,
it cannot be denied that the exaggerated
expectations which had been formed were disappointed,
at any rate to a large extent.

Compared with the figures for trade before the
war, the genuine transactions were still rather
modest, and one feels that they have a somewhat
artificial character. The ordinary balance of
imports and exports shows that in 1921 Russia
purchased foreign products to a value of 248
million gold roubles, while she only sold to a
value of 20 millions (compared with exports
in 1913 worth 1,520 millions and imports worth
1,375 millions). The position improved somewhat
in 1922, when the value of exports rose to about
80 million gold roubles, while that of imports
amounted to 500 millions. But the abnormal
economic nature of the transactions is still very

The commercial treaty with Great Britain has
undoubtedly made possible quite an important
amount of trade, but really serious and lasting
connections do not seem to have been established.

In the case of Germany, a quite considerable
business connection was developed; but it is

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