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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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chiefly the upper class, but also capital was marked
down. It was held that capital, which should of
course be saved-up work, exerts an immoral effect
by giving its possessors advantages which are
unfair and harmful to the community. Thus we have
the glaring injustice that through the amassing of
wealth by one man’s work or even by a single lucky
speculation, not only he and his family, but his
children and even descendants for several
generations can live without working, as parasites on the
community, while others work for them.
Speculation itself is essentially immoral and calculated
to secure advantages from other people’s work
without working oneself. And it is worse still, when
the parasites waste the fruits of other men’s work
outside the country.

A violent protest from below against this
incongruity is easy to understand.

The attack was aimed at the money-system,
which was a means of amassing capital, and which,
by its payment of interest, makes it possible for
parasites to exist without working. Money ought
preferably to be abolished—they overlooked the
important fact that the economic life of the
community, during thousands of years’ development, has
been based on money as the necessary medium of

Now it was thought that this basis could be torn
away with a single wrench, and that a return could
be made to the primitive state when money was
unknown. The attack was also aimed at the right
of ownership itself
. By the ownership of property,

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