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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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have given some figures of coal and petroleum
production; the improvement between 1920 and
1922 is obvious, but the output is rather small
In the Donetz coal field the crisis arising year
after year, when the harvest draws the workmen
to the villages, did not have so much influence
on the output last summer as in 1921, thanks to
the productivity of the miners who remained at
work. From June to September I*o7 million tons
were produced by 8,738 workmen, whereas 11,280
workmen obtained 0*65 million tons during the
same period in 1 92 1 . But this increased quantity
could not be secured without neglecting the timber
ing of the galleries and repairs, the lack of which
constitute a danger for the future. The improve
ment in production during the autumn and winter
was also smaller than in the preceding year. For
the last three months, October to December, the
production amounted to v 7 million tons, which is
half a million less than in the corresponding months
of 1 92 1. . i
Probably the result of the business year 1922-23
will not be good. The amount produced in the
three first months of 1923 was 2 million tons,
or 70 per cent. of what was pronounced necessary.
This deficiency in coal production places a
serious obstacle in the way of industrial prosperity
and transport. During the year 1921-22 Russia
imported rather more than 630,000 tons of coal,
at a cost of 6 million gold roubles. But the
financial situation is not likely to permit a repetition

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