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(1923) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen - Tema: Russia
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This work has saved many of them, but the in
sufficiency of the relief given to their parents has
created a fearful number of orphans. The number
exceeds 1,500,000 in the famine regions, if we
include children deserted or lost by their parents
during the famine. .
I believe that the thousands of kitchens opened
by foreign relief organisations, where the children
came for a meal every day, saved millions of little
starving creatures from a cruel death. But clearly
this is more a strategical measure for temporary
procedure during the struggle than a method for
permanent relief. Useful as it is where starva
tion "is raging in all its horror, it tends to make
the population into paupers when it is continued
in districts where the scourge has become less
It would be a very excellent thing if all the
societies which are interested in the starving
Russian children would go on helping them right
up to the day when their country has been
economically restored to such an extent that
it can take over the whole responsibility. By
aiding the Russian institutions for child-relief, pro
viding the schools with means to distribute food
among the children and helping the mothers to
reduce the terrible child-mortality, they could give
the proper completion to the relief work for the
starving, which even though it was far from1
adequate, was nevertheless a fine gesture of
international solidarity.
The great number of homeless children constitutes

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