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gjennem det inderste Asien og Tibet.
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48.28 KINA

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48.29 JAPAN

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48,61 CANADA

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48,63 USA

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48.65 MÉXICO

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och nutid. Sth. 1936. 220 s. ill.
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48,68 VESTINDISKEØER (se også 46,8).
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to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Nassau,
Havana and Panama. Boston 1937.
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Ar bor 1945. 365 s.
48,7 SYDAMERIKA (se også 48,5).
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s. ill.

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s. ill.

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Argentina, Paraguay).
48,81-87 ENKELTE
Fergusson, Erna: Venezuela. N. York

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and Bolivia. N. York 1947. 273 s.
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210 s.

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York 1944. 293 s. ill.
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York 1945. 335 s. ill.
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1945. 315 s. ill.

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1946. 282 s. ill.

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s. ill.

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1945. 415 s. ill.

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1930. 424 s. ill.
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s. ill.

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kontinent og én nasjon. Oslo 1947.221 s. ill.
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128 s. ill.
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330 s. ill.

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London 1948. 112 s. ill.
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1946. 197 s. ill.


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Guinea. Philadelphia 1943. 326 s.
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Ny Guinea. Kbh. 1944. 192 s. ill.


McGuire, P.: Westward the course. The
new world of Oceania. London 1943.
322 s. ill.

Keesing, F. M.: The South Seas in the
modern world. N. York 1945. 391 s. ill.

4 6



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