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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Departure : Object of the Voyage : Shipmates : At Tromso :
Captain Ritscher and the unfortunate expedition to Spits
bergen : Captain Samuelsen and the Correct : Johansen, the
ice-pilot : Leaving Norway : The Barents Sea, a sunken
continent : Our prospects : The wireless ; no connexion :
Through the Kara Strait in fog, ugly shoals and rapid
current : The Kara Sea open : In and along the ice : Yamal
|~T was already 3.20 on August 2, 1913 ; the tram was
-*- due to start at 3.25 from the Eastern Station
in Christiania, and still there was no sign of the others.
I can’t deny that I was beginning to get rather
At last a man appeared, carefully prepared for
travelling, accompanied by a servant carrying various
traps. He introduced himself as Loris-Melikov, Secre
tary of the Russian Legation, and my shipmate on the
trip. He had seen nothing of the others either.
Now there were only a few minutes left. Then Mr.
Lied came up and said he did not think wc could start
to-day, as Vostrotin’s things were still lying at the
Grand Hotel ; by some mistake they had not been
brought down. He was going to look for Vostrotin,
and would see whether the station-master could keep
the tram a few minutes. Then he disappeared.
As I stood there, uncertain whether to wait till next
day or to start at once, Vostrotin arrived, out of breath,
hot and flustered, and got into the tram. He said he

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