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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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was going on ; his luggage would have to be sent after
him ; he had not seen Lied at the station—and with
that he went off to find a seat.
Consul-General Lorentzen and Mr. Whist, both
directors of the Siberian Company, came to say good
bye to us. Whist declared he had faith in my lucky
star, and his insurance company had therefore under-
written the ship. At that moment the whistle sounded,
and with a jerk the tram began to move. Was the
luggage on board ? And Lied ? Nobody knew. But
there he was, calmly walking up and shouting that he
was going to wait till next day and would bring Vos
trotin^ things with him. Then we might just as well
have waited too, and there were several things I wanted
to clear up before starting. But there we were, and we
should have to put in a day at Trondhjem for nothing.
At Eidsvold I had a telegram from Mr. Whist,
saying they were sending Lied and the luggage after us
by special train to Hamar. And by the time we had
had a good dinner there, Lied rolled into the station,
calm as usual, with his special train and the luggage.
Then everything was in order, and all four of us
were able to go on happily together to Trondhjem, and
from there by the steamer northward to Tromso along
the coast of Nordland, whose wonderful beauty we had
to imagine behind the drizzling rain and grey weather
at sea, and above the low bank of fog in which every
blue peak and white glacier was hidden.
The object of the trip was nothing less than to make
another serious attempt to open up a regular trade
connexion with the interior of Siberia, via the Kara
Sea and the mouth of the Yenisei. Mainly with this
object in view the Siberian Company had been formed,
through the enterprise of Mr. Jonas Lied and with him
as manager.

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