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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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from the Company to take part as a guest in the voyage
of the steamer Correct to the mouth of the Yenisei ;
and at the same time I received a very kind invitation
from Mr. Wourtzel, the engineer at the head of all Imperial
Russian railway construction, to go on with him up
the Yenisei and by rail to Eastern Siberia and the
Amur district, to see the new railway in course of
construction there. And through him the Russian
Traffic Minister sent a message that I should be welcome
as the guest of Russia on this journey.
Why not ? It was a temptingly easy way of
making a trip through the Arctic Ocean to the Yenisei,
and then seeing the whole of Siberia to the farthest
east, without any trouble or preparation. I wanted a
holiday ; there could not be a better way of spending
it, and I accepted with thanks.
Mr. Wourtzel was also to have been on the Correct
as a guest of the Company ; but as the wireless tele
graph stations on the Kara Sea were not yet ready, he
could not cut himself off from communication with the
world and with his work for so long, and therefore had
to give it up. But he sent a message through Lied
that he would meet me at Krasnoyarsk and would wait
for me there till September 25.
It was about midday on August 5 that wc reached
Tromso in dull, drizzly weather. There the gallant
captain of the Correct, Johan Samuelsen, gave us a
friendly reception. All was ready on board, they were
only waiting for us to weigh anchor. But reports from
the east were not favourable ; a few days before a
steamer had arrived from the Pechora ; she had found
the sea full of ice between the Pechora estuary and
Kolguev, had stuck fast, and had drifted for several days
with the ice so far north that they had sighted Novaya
Zemlya. This did not sound encouraging, he thought.

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