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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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board the Correct, which lay at anchor out in the sound.
Dinner had been on the table waiting for us for three
hours, to the steward’s despair. But our hunger had
not diminished on that account, and it was good to
come into the warm cabin out of the damp, cold weather,
and get something to eat and a glass of welcome and
to be well looked after by our genial captain. Captain
Samuelsen is a man of two or three and thirty, an
officer in the Norwegian Naval Reserve. He has a
share with his owners in this boat, which he has com
manded for some years, chiefly in the Mediterranean
fruit trade. He is a cheerful and capable sailor, with
whom it was a pleasure to associate.
The first thing to be done was to settle ourselves on
board the vessel, which was to be our home perhaps
for some weeks. But it is not so easy to find room for
four exacting guests on an ordinary cargo steamer
which is not adapted for passengers.
Fortunately there was one guests’ cabin with two
berths, and there the two foreigners, Vostrotin and
Loris-Melikov, were accommodated, though they were
pretty cramped. Lied had to arrange with the chief
engineer, who gave up his cabin to him and found
room somewhere else. It was a more serious matter
that, in order to make room for my humble seif, the
captain magnanimously gave up his own cabin, and
had none for himself, but had to sleep in the saloon ;
for the chart-room, which he was to have had, was
occupied by the wireless apparatus and its operator.
Wc all assembled for meals in the Correcfs cosy
saloon. There were generally six of us : the captain,
Lied, we three guests and the ice-pilot. We were
there a good deal at other times, too, and spent many
a pleasant evening, reading, smoking and playing cards.
Lied and Loris-Melikov were busy with chess, either

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