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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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the eastward and there is more sea, so that it does not
look as if there were ice to the east of us here.
At eleven in the evening of August 9 wc had come
far enough for the wireless operator to try to establish
connexion with the station at Yugorsky Shar. The
dynamo began its rising hum, and the wailing calls
were sent out into the night—again and again, per
sistently. Then it stopped, and he listened. No
answer. The dynamo hummed again ; more plaintive
calls. Then silence again—time after time, but no
Evidently the station at Yugorsky Shar was not
yet in working order after all ; but what about the
ships that were to be there with wireless ?
An hour later wc tried to get in touch with Ingo
(Finmark), in spite of the long distance ; but without
success. Ingo was to send us telegrams, if there were
any ; but there was nothing to be heard.
Wc were still well in touch with Ingo on the second
evening out from Honnings-våg (August 7), although the
distance was then 230 to 240 sea miles and our apparatus
was only guaranteed for 150 miles at night. On the
third evening (August 8) wc could not get an answer,
either from Ingo or Archangel.
On the afternoon and night of the 9th the weather
was thick and at times foggy, so that wc did not sight
Novaya Zemlya, though wc cannot have been far off.
Dead reckoning and soundings agreed very well.
Sunday, August 10. At last, at 8 a.m. on the 10th,
wc definitely sighted land. This was Sakhanin island,
which was then abeam, 3 miles off. The sounding
gave 184 fathoms, said the mate. That seemed far too
much and must have been a mistake, as it ought to
have been about 90 fathoms ; but it agrees at any rate
with the fact that just here is the deep channel that

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