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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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extends along the south coast of Novaya Zemlya from
Karskiya Vorota or the Kara Strait.
There is a heavy swell from the E.S.E., so that
no ice can have come westward through the Kara
Strait in spite of the constant easterly wind we have
had ; and we now begin to have hopes of getting
through that way, although we thought we should
have had to try Yugorsky Shar in order to reach the
Kara Sea.
There is a thick fog, but soon we must be off the
Kara Strait and shall be able to alter our course more
to the east.
Still no sign of ice, but continued swell. It looks as
if we should get through ; this is beginning to be
exciting. The soundings agree very well.
We try the wireless again, as there ought to be a
ship with the apparatus here, in the vicinity of the
station that is to be established on Vaigach. But
there is no answer. Still thick fog.
Before twelve o’clock the lead had given 28, 26, 27
fathoms. At twelve wc altered the course to the north-
east to slip in through the Kara Strait. But when we
had gone 3 miles on this course the lead gave, first 6,
then 4 fathoms. Stop ! full speed astern ! Then we
bore away to the south-west.
Next sounding, 12 fathoms. Where are we ? The
fog is as thick as a wall. Can it be Vaigach that we
have approached too closely ? No, we cannot possibly
have come so far. It is more likely to be the Prokofeva
Bank off Kusov Nos, on the north side of the entrance
to the Kara Strait. The depth there ought only to be
2 fathoms.
Our course is made eastward again. The sounding
gives 24 fathoms. That seems all right, we must be
past. We are going at half-speed. Then the next

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