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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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north to get round the land. We went through one
race after another.
At last, after some hours, the current seemed to
have turned and ran strongly with us. It was still a
race, but the current must run to the eastward, as it
banks up the seas, which were now coming from the
north-east. To our great disappointment the wind
had begun to blow from that quarter. It had been
southerly in the morning, and we were glad of it, as it
set the ice to the northward. Then it became westerly,
and that was not so good ; but this stiff north-east
wind was the worst we could have, as it would drive
the ice to the south-west and west in the Kara Sea.
In spite of that, we still saw no ice ahead ; on the
other hand, there was a good deal of slack and scattered
ice away towards the land ; but the weather was never
clear, so we could not see far, and now it grew thick
again, hiding the land. Once more we saw nothing but
the fog around and above us, and the sea below us ;
but now we could make a course for Yamal, about
E. by N. true.
So we sailed out of the Kara Strait, as we had
entered it, in fog ; and the Kara Sea rolled in front of
us with a swell from the north ; it seemed to be quite
Then there was rejoicing on board. Johansen came
to the conclusion that this was the first of the two
difficulties that the fortune-teller at Tromso had pre
dicted we should have to overcome on this trip.
We were already thinking we had open sea before us
as far as the Yenisei, when a few hours later (8.30 p.m.)
we caught sight of ice on the starboard bow. It stretched
farther and farther ahead, and about 20 miles from
the Kara Strait we were in among blocks of ice and
the Correct had her first experience of the floes.

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