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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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But they were only small scattered blocks of worn
and dirty ice in process of melting. The sky did not
look particularly light in any quarter. It was brightest
in the south, so there was perhaps some ice in that
It was only a narrow, broken strip that wc met
with here ; it seemed to be a little more packed to the
southward. Judging from the light in the sky, there
was also some ice on the north.
After getting a few bumps and testing the Captain _
pride, the ice-skin on the bow, which stood them well,
the Correct glided out into open water again. The
sky was dark ahead, and again there was some swell
from the north. It seemed as if wc had open sea
before us.
About midnight ice was again reported every
where ahead. This was about 40 miles from the Kara
Strait. But this, too, was only a strip of small ice,
and after going slow for a full hour on a straight course
wc were through it and in wide, open sea again with
no ice to be seen in any quarter.
There was a light sky ahead. This might be ice,
but it was more likely to be clear sky beyond the clouds
to the eastward. Johansen, the ice-pilot, was much
offended on the bridge, because I did not consider it
impossible that there could be any ice-blink near the
horizon. It grew brighter the farther east wc came.
It must have been the light of the clear sky that wc
were såiling into.
Monday, August Uth. A fine night, blue sky,
open sea and hardly any wind. The sun was beginning
to gild the northern sky ; soon it would rise above
the sea horizon in full splendour.
At 3 a.m. the sea was so blue and wc saw so far
ahead that wc altered our course to nearly N.N.E.

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