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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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In såiling through ice-filled waters like these, one
may get on faster by hugging the coast, for, as soon
as the least wind blows from landward, it sets the ice
off the coast and forms an open låne.
On the other hand, if one tries to force a way through
the masses of ice out at sea, one may be stuck fast,
and no wind will have any special power of opening
the ice. On the contrary, the winds will often pack
it closer to windward, while scattering it somewhat to
The noon altitude gave latitude 70° 51’ N., which
was rather more southerly than wc expected, and accord
ing to dead reckoning the longitude ought to have
been about 63° E. i
Farther south along its edge the ice was more open,
and wc again steered to the east through the floes,
hoping to find a passage. But after a while they
became closer again. Wc now saw to the south-east of
us a broad patch of clear water, which extended far in a
north-easterly direction to nearly due north-east of us,
but there was no way of getting through to it, and wc
had to steam for several hours to get round to the south
of the tongue of ice.
Wc did not reach the point till about eight in the
evening, and were able to stand to the eastward to
the south of it. Wc reached the broad stretch of clear
water on the inside, which extended to the north-east,
as far as wc could see from the crow’s-nest, and there
was scarcely an ice-floe in it. But on the eastern side
of this clear water wc could see ice, and this made it
doubtful whether the open stretch reached as far as
the land.
Wc decided not to try it, but rather to bear across
this open bay to the ice on the other side, in a south
easterly direction, approximately. Here the water was

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