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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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had met so far. We had to anchor in an inlet on its
I found it difficult to believe that so broad a piece
of ice could remain in an unbroken surface. It was
quite clear at midnight, but I could not see the end of
that floe, either towards the land, which was still hidden
by the fog, or seawards to the north-west. There
certainly cannot have been much movement in the
water here, or much wind either.
The depth was 15 fathoms and no deflection of the
sounding-line was noticed, so there cannot have been
any current to speak of.
The wind at midnight was quite light from the
west-north-west. I heard a murmur coming from the
westward. It sounded more like surf than anything
else, but that must have been imagination, and it was
probably nothing but the splash of water against the
edge of the ice.
I was still wondering about this unbroken ice and
could only imagine that it was partly aground with
its blocks and hummocks, which I saw here and there
on its surface, and perhaps it extended right up to
the land. It must have lain there since the winter.
Monday, August 18. We lic at anchor all day by
the edge of the same fixed floe. Beautiful sunshine
at last with clear air for once. Light wind from the
north-west. From the crow’s-nest we can now see open
water on the north side of this fixed ice, about 6 miles
away. It extends seaward as far as to north-west
by north.
On the north-west there is ice as far as we can see,
and I should think for at least 10 miles in this direction ;
but the blue sky on the horizon tells of water beyond
the ice there also.
On the west a låne can be seen extending northward

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