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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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There is remarkably deep blue sky over the land
and northward as far as to the west of north. It looks
just like the sky over open water. But perhaps it
may only be darkened by the land ; for both Johansen
and the Captain declare that the ice is packed right up
to the beach ; they could see it with the glasses from
the crow’s-nest. I have not been up there myself to
day. It is strange, all the same ; a sky darkened by
the black land ought to be more of a greyish black, I
should say ; but this is such a deep blue, like a water
Towards the north-west (N.N.W. true) the sky is
light, and there must be lots of ice there. On the other
hand, there is a good deal of open water and dark sky
towards the S.W. (true), so we could certainly get out
that way ; but we have no business to be down there,
although the ice-pilot is very anxious to go out to sea
in that direction ; he thinks we shall find open water
and the whole Kara Sea ice-free to the north of us.
I have great doubts of it, and do not think that
course would be a wise one. For we met the ice midway
in the west of the Kara Sea, as we came from the Kara
Strait, and we even found two strips of ice to the west
of it ; and all that ice is not likely to have got away
with the south-west and north-west winds we have
generally had.
Besides, if there is open sea on the west, we ought
to have noticed some swell these last few days, while
the wind was south-westerly ; but there was not a sign
of it.
And suppose now we came out into perfectly open
water to the west of the ice wc are now lying in, and
that the edge of the ice extended northward, so that
wc could go forward in that direction, how are wc to
know that wc shall be able to getjthrough the ice to

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