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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Open sea north of the Gulf of Obi : Stopped by ice west of
Sibiriakov Island : Aground : Landing on Dickson Island :
Brusilov’s and Rusanov’s expeditions : Unsuccessful reindeer
stalking: The coastal platform : Southward to the mouth of the
Yenisei : The Yenisei and its course : Movement of the river
towards the right : Political exiles ; a hermit : Difficult
navigation, wc run aground : Meeting with the tug and
lighters from the south : Prospects of delay
IN the course of the morning of Friday, August 22,
wc were at last north of White Island, and now
had open, blue sea before us. There was a fresh
breeze and sea from the north-north-west, enough to
make some of us regret the ice and the calm water
between the floes. White Island wc did not see ; it
is quite low, and wc were too far out.
It was a lovely sunny day in open sea off the mouth
of the Obi, the finest day wc had had since leaving
Christiania. But there was not a little sea and a good
deal of rolling, so that at dinner we had the fiddles on
for the first—and last—time on the voyage to the
The water was remarkably brown and dirty, so
that in the afternoon, when wc passed one of the
solitary drifting pieces of ice, it looked quite a dirty
brown where it lay under water, or where the sea
washed over it.
The temperature at noon was 51*8° F. in the air,

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