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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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was evidently the channel, and the Correct was steered
in that direction, and then on a south-easterly course
at half-speed and with constant use of the lead.
The depth increased from 10 to 13 and 12 fathoms
and remained at about that for a long time ; but then
it began to get shallower again, only 5 fathoms. The
engines were stopped and went astern ; but immediately
afterwards the vessel took the ground so gently that wc
scarcely noticed it and were not sure whether she was
fast or not. Wc went full speed astern, but to no pur
pose. The lead gave 2J fathoms forward, 2J amidships,
3J aft, and the ship was supposed to draw 2f fathoms.
The starboard anchor was heaved aft with the steel
cable, till the cable was taut, when there were 25 fathoms
of chain out. Then the engines went full-speed astern,
while wc heaved on the anchor. But the ship lay just
as fast in the soft clay bottom. There was a stiff breeze
from the east-south-east with a strong tide running north
and that was not exactly pleasant, as it was to be ex
pected that the water would go down. There was some
sea, and the ship rocked a good deal as she lay ; but wc
did not get off for all that.
By midnight the water had sunk a foot ; this was no
doubt partly due to the south-easterly wind and partly
to the tide.
It rained during the night, and that gave some
hope that the water would rise as soon as the wind
dropped or changed ; but the stream was still setting
northward at the rate of 4 miles. Wc lay aground that
Wednesday, August 27. The wind went round to
the south-west, still with showers of ram, and now per
haps the water would rise. Wc were only waiting for
high-water to make another attempt to get off. At
2.30 p.m. the water had risen sufficiently to make it

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