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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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There was said to be a tolerably good anchorage there
abouts, where wc could lic and discharge and load ;
and there it was that wc were to meet the steamboat
with the lighters, which were to come from the south
just at this time ; in fact, according to the arrange
ment they ought to have been there the day before,
August 26.
But wc could still see no land on the south, even
from the crow’s-nest, either ahead or to the south-west
of us ; it was no doubt quite low and flat and not to be
seen at a distance.
But at last, at 6.45 p.m., I caught sight of the island
from the crowVnest, on our starboard bow, perfectly
flat land, just above the horizon. The boat ahead of
us was beginning to get into shoal water again ; they
found only 4or 5 fathoms and less than that. So wc
anchored, while the boat sailed a little to the east
ward of us ; but there they had only 2Jor 2 fathoms ;
and then to the westward, but there it shoaled to
4 fathoms.
To the south-east of us I could see eddies over a
bank. The Captain came up into the crowVnest and
saw them too. It all seemed difficult to understand.
Wc might be about midway between the land on the
east and the island on the west. It did not agree with
the chart. It looked as if wc had come into a channel
that closed in ahead of us ; but where was the main
channel ?
At 10 p.m. wc sent up three rockets and burned three
blue lights from the crow’s-nest as a signal to the steam
boat and lighters, which according to arrangement
ought to have arrived from the south at Nosonovski
Island just at this time. It was said on board that,
even if they were there, it was by no means certain that
they kept a good enough look-out to see these signals ;

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