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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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wc some 1800 miles from the west ; but I won’t venture
to assert that it was all due to careful calculation.
Yesterday evening the men of the Turukhansk had
seen the last of our blue lights and, just as wc had
thought, had tåken it for northern lights or something
of the sort ; but early this morning, as they were going
on with one of the lighters to Golchikha, they caught
sight of our smoke as soon as they came clear of the
point. They had to go back and leave the lighter, at
the same time fetching Christensen, who had gone aboard
one of the other lighters.
The captain of the Turukhansk told us that wc were
lying in a bend of the bank which extends westward
from the island. Wc should have to go back to the
northward, and then into the channel farther east, he
said. He returned to the Turukhansk, which went
ahead and took soundings, and wc came through safely
in her wake.
Meanwhile wc had breakfast at last, and the Custom
House man breakfåsted with us. He looked weak and
pulled down, and had been very ill. He was a good
natured and agreeable man, and seemed to be touchingly
fond of animals. At breakfast he told us about his
tame deer and other animals that he kept at home in
Irkutsk. They were evidently his hobby in life ; and
he might have had many a worse one.
At last wc turned the point of the southern Noso
novski Island and approaehed the lighters, which lay
at anchor there to the south of the shore, off Nosonovski
Pesok (i.e. sand), where there were some houses and
tents on land. Here wc were well received with a
salute of rifles from the lighters, and had to reply with
our rifles and revolvers as well as wc could.
The shore is so shelving here that wc had to anchor
a mile or more from land, and even then there were

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