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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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and this is undoubtedly due to the sudden change of
conditions which takes place when the nomad gives
up his open-air life to take up his abode in a small
hut. To this must be added liquor, syphilis, etc.
Besides, the Russians take away their hunting grounds
and fishing waters in the south, and make existence
difficult for them. It is therefore not to be wondered
at that in these districts they are rapidly and surely
going to ruin.
On the land inside of us wc saw a house and some
mud huts, probably inhabited by Russians who stayed
here to fish during the summer, but farther east were
about five Samoyede tents. These tents and their
inhabitants were now the special object of our longing.
During the afternoon some of us went ashore. The
natives poured down to the river to meet us, but the
bank is everywhere shelving here, and the boat grounded
far out ; it looked as if wc could not possibly land
without wading.
The people on the bank pointed to a place farther
east, where one of their boats was tied. It was a little
deeper there, and by crawling over their boat wc came
ashore tolerably dry. As a rule they keep their boats
anchored at some distance from the bank and wade
out to them, often up to their middles, but they wear
leather trousers, which are sewed to their foot-gear
(like Lapp komagers) in such a way as to keep out the
Vostrotin landed first, as became the parliamentary
representative of this part of the world ; for these
people were citizens of the country that sends him to
the Duma. Therefore wc used to call him the King
of the Samoyedes.
The natives proved to be Samoyedes from the east

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