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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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was all transparent fat, so that the grease ran out of
it, and it tasted like something between dried halibut
and smoked salmon. Wc also bought some fresh red
caviar, which was a great success on the breakfast
table on board. This red caviar is chiefly the roe of
the omul, but also of other fish of the salmon family
that are caught here, and a good deal of it is salted.
A great and valuable fishery is carried on every
summer in the lower part of the Yenisei, as in the
other great Siberian rivers ; and it has grown rapidly
in recent years, since more regular steamboat com
munication has been established up and down the river.
The fish most sought for are the valuable sturgeon
(Acipenser Baeri, Brandt), and a number of species of
the salmon family, mostly of the gwiniad kind, such
as the great white salmon, nyelma (Stenodus nelma,
Pall.), and the omul (Coregonus autumnalis, Pall.), the
muksun (Coregonus muksun, Pall.), the little seld—
the same word as the Norwegian sild (herring)—(Core
gonus merki, Giint.), the chir (Coregonus nasus, Pall.),
the sig (Coregonus pidschian, Gmel.), and others.
The sturgeon and the more important of the other
fish, such as the nyelma, omul, muksun, and seld, make
long migrations from the Arctic Ocean up and down
the river every summer and autumn to spawn. Many
sturgeon stay in the deep pools of the Yenisei at any
rate for part of the winter, but they, too, migrate. A
good deal of fish stays in the estuary of the Yenisei
and in Yenisei Bay throughout the winter ; at Svyerevo
and Golchikha, on the estuary, in latitude 71° 43’ N.,
and at Pustoy, higher up, in 71° 11’ N., sturgeon,
omul, and muksun are caught under the ice in winter.

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