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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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fish. I have no information of the quantities in more
recent years.
The fishing is carried on partly by Russian boats’
crews, partly by native Yenisei-Samoyedes and Yuraks.
The latter seil their catch to the Russian buyers. As
a rule they do not receive money for them, but goods,
which they often get on credit, so that they get into
debt to the traders, and thus fall into a position of
dependence. They have to take the goods at the price
fixed by the traders themselves, which is apt to be
fairly high, and they are also obliged to seil their fish
at the price fixed by the traders. It is easy to under
stand that the advantage of this arrangement is not
on the side of the natives ; many of them live in
continual debt to the traders all their lives, and when
they die the debt passes on to their family and children.
A sad state of things, which wc know well enough in
connection with the fishing population of Norway in
former times. The following prices of goods in Yeniseisk
and at the fisheries give one some idea of the position
of affairs :
Price in Yeniseisk. Price at the fisheries.
1 rouble 50 kopecks
1 rouble 40 to 60
1 pood of rye meal 75 kopecks
1 brick of compressed tea 80 kopecks
1 pood of sugar 1 rouble 30 to 50 kopecks 2 roubles 20 to 50
And on the other side the prices of fish are illumi
Price at the fishery Price in Yeniseisk
Sturgeon 3 roubles 20 kopecks to 4 roubles 75 kopecks to 6
3 roubles 80 kopecks
Nyelma 1 rouble 80 kopecks 3 roubles 35 kopecks to 4
Omul 1 rouble 40 kopecks 3 roubles 30 kopecks to 5
It appears from this that the traders on the Yenisei

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