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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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and pointed to the south ; and there we saw the masts
of a vessel.
We were soon on board ; the vessel had come nearer ;
wc could see with the glass that she was not large, she
had two masts and looked like a small motor-boat.
Then it was clear that she could be nothing else than
the little Government motor-boat Omul, which is used
for fishery inspection on the Yenisei. But what had
brought her here ? She was steering straight for us.
Somebody said that Mr. Wourtzel, the engineer, who was
to have been one of our party, had ordered this boat
to meet him at the mouth of the Yenisei, and perhaps
he had not countermanded it when he was prevented
from joining us.
She came up past us, dipped her flag, circled round
us and anchored on the inside. A boat came alongside
with the captain, a good-tempered little rotund fellow in a
round sealskin cap ; the whole man looked like a little
seal. As we had supposed, the boat had come all the
way from Krasnoyarsk at WourtzeFs request to fetch
people from the Correct, they did not know their names,
and she was now at our disposal.
So now we could start for the south at once. This
was quite unexpected. We had supposed we should
have to stay here another week or so, until the loading
was finished, so that we could go up the Yenisei with
the tug-boat and lighters ; and in that case we should
not have reached Yeniseisk before the end of September
at the earliest. As I have said, I had long ago given
up hope of meeting Mr. Wourtzel at Krasnoyarsk ; but
now a new hope suddenly dawned, and things were
lively on the Correct, getting ready for our departure.
The accommodation on board the Omul was not
very great : there was a little saloon with two sofas,
and a sleeping cabin beyond with three berths ; but

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