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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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came two young students in their military-looking
uniforms. One of them was a nephew of Vostrotin.
A third student came aboard a little later ; he, too,
was a nephew of Vostrotin. He had just passed his
legal examination ; but during the summer months
he was second captain on board the steamboat,
and was responsible for the mercantile part of the
He told us that they had just discovered two thieves
on board, who had got the money for their tickets by
playing cards with the passengers ; but then people
had missed money from their pockets as well, so they
were tåken in charge by our gendarme and police
man and locked up on one of the lighters. This was
unfortunate for them, as their best business would
have been on the way back up the Yenisei, when people
were returning from their fishing and trading with
money in their pockets, and would be likely to get
In the course of the morning, before we left, yet
another steamboat arrived, the Yeniseisk, and with her
came an officer of gendarmes with several of his men and
a policeman from Turukhansk, besides whom there was
certainly a detective on the Oryol. And all these people,
we may suppose, had come on account of the Correcfs
We now had one custom-house officer, two custom
house soldiers, one gendarme officer, two gendarmes,
two policemen, and perhaps a detective, in all eight or
nine men. To these must be added a captain on the
Turukhansk and a captain for each of the lighters,
making twelve or thirteen. Compared with the fact
that there were only eight men to do the work of dis
charging and loading, this did not seem a reasonable
proportion. But then I should mention that eight

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