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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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boat arrived it brought the Empress Catherine’s
Afterwards his grave became holy. The natives
think that candles are always burning on it, and when
it blows, the wind makes the candles burn still more
brightly. Travellers who pass it must offer a prayer
at this grave in order to have a successful journey. If
they neglect this, they will be stopped in some way or
other. A skipper and his wife, who are now living at
Yeniseisk, once passed by without offering the prayer.
They had bad weather, were driven back and delayed
for eighteen days at this spot. But then the skipper
prayed at the grave, and they were able to go on.
Now wc haven’t prayed at this grave either, and
perhaps that is what is wrong with the engine. What
will happen to-morrow ? It is a nuisance when motors
go wrong ; I can see us in my mmd’s eye lying here with
a disabled motor until at last the tug and lighters come
along and take us in tow. This is not an edifying
Thursday, September 4. But luckily the engine was
going as usual early this morning, so no doubt it was
only a case of too much vodka the day before.
Then wc went on to the south, and at 8.30 a.m. wc
arrived at Karaulnoye (i.e., the guard-house), where
there is a big house which has quite a lordly appearance.
Wc anchored and went for a walk ashore.
Somewhere about 1879 Baron von Knop established
a depot here for the trade through the Kara Sea. At
that time great expectations were formed of the future
of this route ; but they were disappointed. It is now
an important centre of the fish trade on the Yenisei,
and is owned by a rich merchant of Krasnoyarsk, who
is called the Turukhansky knyas (i.e. prince). His
people live here both summer and winter.

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