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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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all the things they do not want to drag about with them
while fishing, are simply left here on the tundra until
they come back in the autumn to go to the east again.
Nobody, among the natives at all events, would think
of touching the things.
Behind the houses I saw a number of dog-sledges of
various sizes. They were of the form that the Russians
mostly use here, the old man said. There were also
several sledge-dogs wandering about. They were big
and powerful, and looked well ,* a good deal bigger and
longer in the leg than those wc had from the Ostiaks for
the Fram expedition in 1893.
When wc were going away, the old man and the
younger Russian, the engineer, came with us down to
the beach. When wc were in the boat, the engineer
stepped down to the water’s edge, bowed to us cere
moniously, crossed himself several times and made a
long speech to Vostrotin, saying that as a member of
the Duma he ought to see that the people had a better
spiritual education.
Later in the day wc stopped at a Yurak camp farther
south. It consisted of three or four tents, and there
was also a Russian living there, who had dug out a hut
for himself like a cave in the sand-hill. He was staying
there to buy up fish from the natives.
Wc managed to buy a sturgeon that had just been
caught ; but otherwise there was no fresh fish to be had.
Wc saw the tackle they used for sturgeon : fixed lines
with hooks, which were baited with a little dried fish ;
as far as I could see, it was a little lamprey, about 6 inches
long or so. Wc also saw small nets which they use in
the lakes for catching chir, pelatka (a trout-like fish
with red flesh) and kundsha.
In the afternoon wc stopped again at Kasanskoye,
where one or two Russian houses stood on the height

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