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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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some men he was travelling with, who had seen that he
had money on him.
Here at Ananyino I again saw many fine, powerful
sledge-dogs. All traffic during the long winter is, of
course, accomplished with sledges, which are drawn either
by dogs or reindeer. With reindeer you get on faster, I
was told ; but with a team of good dogs of this kind you
do not travel very slowly either. They reckon that
they can go 90 versts at a stretch without feeding
the dogs.
They are fond of their dogs and look after them well.
In the peasants’ houses there is always a big baking
oven, built of stone, between the rooms. The top of
this oven is broad and flat ; in winter it is in great re
quest as a sleeping place, and the wife often sleeps there.
But when they come in from a journey out of the cold,
whoever may be lying there has to move, so that the
tired dogs may sleep there.
I had a look at the dog harness that is most generally
used here along the Yenisei. It is a back-harness, with
the trace lying over the back ; but they were also
acquainted with the other method, which is much used
by the Obi-Ostiaks, with a band round the animaFs
body and the trace running between its hind legs. The
dogs are harnessed four together in front, with the leader
a little in advance of the others ; then the other dogs
come behind, made fast alternately on each side of the
trace. They usually have six or eight dogs in a team.
It was curious to see the different types of Russians
in this country. Many of them bore a great resemblance
to Scandinavians ; there was in particular a fair, mild
mannered boy of eighteen here ; if one had not known,
one would have tåken him for a Norwegian peasant boy.
Many of these Russians were fair, with blue eyes and
tawny hair, often curly. Tall, powerful fellows many

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