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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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expedition being alive, as neither captain nor crew had
any experience of ice ; and they were badly fitted out, too,
he thought. There seemed to me to be something heroic
all the same, in setting out to join this expedition.
Well, after all, he thought he would go in the Correct to
Vardo and so home to Dorpat, he said.
I come back to what I said at Tromso about the
inexcusableness of such carelessness in the preparations
for polar expeditions.
But our man here had other difficulties to contend
with besides that of finding the expedition he ought to
have joined. As he was leaving, he took Vostrotin
aside to ask for a loan of a few hundred roubles ; for he
would prefer to stay the winter here, he said ; there was
so much scientific work to do. Unfortunately he had
forgotten to bring enough money for that from Krasno
yarsk, and it was equally unfortunate that wc had not
enough with us to help him. It appeared, poor fellow,
that he had done all the work he could in Krasnoyarsk
during the winter to raise money. He thought he would
borrow something from Lied on the skins of the bears
and white foxes that would be shot by this same Brusilov
expedition, which he now considered to have no chance
of coming back.
On the Lena was also the deputy chief of police from
Turukhansk in full uniform. He made the sixth or
seventh policeman wc saw here ; but this one was only
taking a holiday to have a look round, he said.
Another official on the boat was the sub-director of
the Government flotilla on the Yenisei, which consists
of steamboats and lighters. He it is who has charge,
of all this transport up and down the river.
It is strange what resemblances one sees among men
of the same profession. This man was astout, broad
fellow with a pleasant, merry face and a heavy moustache,
K 145

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