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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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and down the river which would result from a develop
ment of the sea-route through the Kara Sea to the
estuary. This came to nothing. It is true that, in
order to encourage the traffic, goods for Yeniseisk were
exempted from duty that year ; but next year the
Government changed its mmd, and only a few classes
of goods were exempt ; and with this the sea-route once
more came to an end of its own accord.
The tugs and lighters then had no other freight than
the fish and the usual cargoes down and up the river,
and they involve a great annual expense to the Govern
ment, which would therefore prefer to seil the whole fleet.
To begin with there was six steamers, but two were
wrecked by the ice a few years ago, when they had
chosen bad harbours for the winter at the mouth of the
Angarå ; during the breaking up of the ice in the spring
one of them, a paddle-boat, was carried by the ice one
verst down the river, and broken and twisted like a
cork-screw, so that she sank in several pieces, after
losing her boiler on the way.
The other was carried by the ice 500 versts down the
river, before she was crushed and went to the bottom.
Some lighters also got adrift that time and suffered
some damage, but they were brought to land with
difficulty and saved.
A third steamboat was sold and tåken round to the
Obi, where she is now running. Two of the steamers
were bought in England, the others in Germany ; the
lighters are of the kind that is used on the Rhine.
At last our oil-tanks were filled and wc were able to
go on. The trees began to be a little thicker here and
there in the valleys, and they were gradually getting
higher ; but still there was nothing that could be called
In the afternoon wc went ashore on the low west

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