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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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St. Bernard. They said it was not uncommon for
sledge-dogs to be as large as that. They are strong
pullers, but not so fast as smaller dogs.
For the first time I met here a Yenisei-Ostiak. He
had a handkerchief tied round his head like a woman,
as is their usual custom. He had strongly-marked,
projecting eyebrows, black moustache, a light brown
skin and long black hair ; he looked very like a gipsy,
and was quite different from the natives wc had seen
hitherto. There were also one or two Ostiaks in the
place, wc were told, and a Yakut, but they were out
fishing. They were hired men, working for the Russians
who had the fishing there.
Wc also saw a Samoyede, who wore an old stiff felt
hat and looked exactly like a Japanese. He was the
son of poor parents, and had come from the north to
some Russians at a place farther south on the river.
There he had gone to school and learnt to read and
write, wc were told, and now he had almost forgotten
Samoyede. He seemed to be remarkably shrewd, and
was a buyer of fish here for the trader at the station to
the south, where he came from.
Among the Russians were several old, grizzled,
bearded fishermen who were so like our old fishermen
in Norway that you could not tell the difference.
There was a nice-looking Russian boy with such a
pleasant smile and such splendid teeth that I could not
take my eyes off him. Altogether I have been struck
by the beauty and whiteness of the teeth of many of the
Russians here, both men and women.

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