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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Dudinka : Political exiles : Caucasia : A discoverer and his
strange tales : Thin forest : Coal measures : Movement of
rivers to the right : Large rocks carried by the river ice :
Forest, taiga and tundra : Hay in stacks : Still flat forest land :
The first beds of rock : Sushkév : Epidemic among hares and
squirrels : Want of medical aid and epidemics : The forest
often burnt : Thin forest and frozen soil : Hardiness and utility
of Siberian timber : Origin of the Arctic drift-wood : The
Yenisei-Ostiaks and their origin : The Kureika : In the forest :
Graphite : Outside the world : Fog : The first hill
T last the fish business was concluded, and the
captain and crew got their kegs of seld aboard
for salting. Wc were able to go on, and soon wc
arrived off Dudinka, the Moscow of the north, the most
important place in the whole district ; for this is the
centre of all traffic and trade eastward over the tundra
to the Khåtanga and Anåbara.
The place stands on the high east side of the river,
and as usual the houses were up on the top of the
slope. But I could hardly believe my eyes : there was
a house up there far bigger and longer than anything
one would have expected to find in this part of the
world. With its long rows of windows and doorways
it looked like a fairy palace, standing up there against
the sky in the setting sun. It was the house of the
principal trader of the district and was just now being
reconstructed ; the owner himself was ill and had gone

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