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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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away. He was reported to be the fairest and most
honourable trader in these parts, and a good man to
the natives.
There was a pretty little church, with a belfry and
no fewer than seven bells. There was also a French
shop, Revillon’s, where we bought a coffee-pot, glasses,
plates, and various other things to supplement our
scanty messing outfit.
In the shop at the big house we got bread,
biscuits and cigarettes, which, of course, are smoked
by all Russians, even up here. I was not a little
surprised when I took up the dark brown packets of
cigarettes and saw the nåme NORA on them in big
white letters, above a handsome woman’s head in white
relief. Strange—the first thing I bought in Siberia
was these cigarettes, and there I came upon Ibsen. I
must confess it flattered my national vanity to find
that he and the woman’s movement were so well known
even here that it paid to nåme cigarettes after his
feminine champion. I did not remember at the time
how many there were who could read in this country.
The cigarettes were very cheap, but not good, as we
found out afterwards.
We wanted to get some reindeer meat, too, but there
was none to be had. Some Yuraks with reindeer had
been there ; but they had just gone east over the tundra
a few hours before we arrived.
Two young political exiles lived here, we were told.
While wc were making our purchases, Loris-Melikov
went out to call on them. As he came up to the house
where they lived, he heard singing and a guitar ac
companiment which had a strangely home-like sound.
They were no doubt trying to pass the time with a glass
of wine and memories of home. He was well received,
and was not a little surprised to find two countrymen

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