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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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I saw rocks, large and small, all the way along the
shore ; sometimes fairly big, as much as half the
height of a man or more. Only in a few places did
these rocks lic up on the bank itself above high-water
line. Most of them were on the flat foreshore near the
water. I never saw them imbedded in the strata in
the steep slope of the bank, and it did not look as
if they could have been washed out of these strata ;
they are most likely to have been carried to their present
position at a comparatively recent time. It was
chiefly along the east, or right bank that I saw these
Some of them are fairly angular, not unlike erratic
blocks from the Ice Age, while others are more rounded
by water, though few of them have attained the form
of round boulders. I can see no other explanation
than that these rocks have been carried by the river
ice, in any case the larger of them ; but it must be
admitted that in some places they are so large that it
seems difficult to imagine how even the ice could
manage them ; they may sometimes be nearly the
height of a man. But it has an immense force, this
ice, especially in the spring, when it is crushed together
in huge masses and carried along by the rushing flood.
It may then push large rocks before it bit by bit along
the bottom and sides of the river. Even if they are
only moved a little way each time, this would mount
up in the course of years. Smaller stones, that are
frozen into the ice and are carried with it when it breaks
off from the bottom, may be transported for long
distances at one time.
How far these stones may have been transported I
do not know, as I had no opportunity of examining the
nature of the rock, nor of finding out where the different
rocks occur in this country. But in any case they must

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