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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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Troitskiy Monastir and Turukhansk : Decline : The pristav :
The guarded treasure : A plundering raid : The monastery
church : Legend of a samt : A travelling priest : Tea with the
pristav : The school : The town : A political exile : Convicts
in caves : Yenisei-Ostiaks’ tents : Canoes : Miroyédikha and
beds of rock : Political exiles travelling : Villages : Moonlight :
More luxuriant forest : Our pilot : The Yenisei-Ostiaks, their
poverty-stricken life
WE had hoped to reach Svyato-Troitskiy Monastir
(i.e. the Monastery of the Holy Trinity) that
evening, but had to anchor for the night some distance
to the north. It was too dark to go on.
Wednesday, September 10. But next morning, about
half-past nine, wc arrived. While still a long way off
wc could see the lofty white church of the monastery
with its cupolas shining on the top of the river-bank
over the forest and flat country, and by its side the
green roof of a big house rose above the line of trees.
On coming nearer wc could also see a row of lower
timber houses round it. This was the village.
A few years ago this place became the seat of the
administration of Turukhansk district, and it is, so to
speak, the capital here. Turukhansk formerly held that
position ; but it is inconveniently situated on the
tributary Turukhan at some distance from the Yenisei,
and thus off the line of traffic up and down that river.

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