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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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a few of the released convicts had an ugly look ; and
many of the people here are not very pleased at this
addition to the population. On the other hand, they
rather like the political exiles, as they are often worthy
and capable men, who may be very useful.
But things are not always so peaceful as they now
appeared. This is proved by the raid which I have
mentioned more than once. It was five or six years
ago that a number of political exiles banded themselves
together to the south of this place, between Turukhansk
and Vorogovo, with the object of escaping from Siberia,
plundering as they went. They were about 20 in
number and had procured arms in various ways. They
had evidently heard of the American system of " hands
up," and they entered houses and took what they found.
If anyone resisted, he was shot. In this way they went
down the Yenisei plundering one village after another.
It was at the beginning of winter, so they drove in
sledges with horses and reindeer, which they easily
procured without payment. It was mostly food and
money that they took. In this village, at Troitskiy
Monastir, a trader was killed and money tåken.
On reaching Turukhansk they seized the public build
ings, shot the prefect of police and several traders,
took the Government funds, amounting to 30,000
roubles, and then set fire to the buildings. After that
they went on in the same fashion down the river to
Dudinka, and from there across the tundra with reindeer
towards the Khåtanga and Anåbara, with the idea of
going on eastward through Siberia to America.
Meanwhile news of the raid had reached the
Governor-General at Irkutsk, and he declared martial
law over the whole country, and sent a strong detach
ment of soldiers northwards from Krasnoyarsk. From
Dudinka a party of soldiers took reindeer over the

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