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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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tundra in pursuit of the fugitives, and came up with
them before they had reached the mouth of the
Khåtanga. The house they were in was surrounded
and a regular battle took place, which ended in more
than half of the fugitives being shot down. The rest
were captured and tåken back to Dudinka and up the
Yenisei. On the way some of them tried to escape, but
were shot before they had gone very far ; five out of the
twenty reached Krasnoyarsk alive and were there hanged,
as far as I know. The Governmenfs 30,000 roubles
were traced, and more besides, and some of this money
is said to have found its way back to the State coffers.
But one could not imagine the possibility of such
warlike excesses when standing in this peaceful office
talking to this amiable man, who invited us in the
kindest way to drink a glass of tea with him and his
wife ; the tea would soon be ready.
Meanwhile we went out to look at the monastery
church. We were well received at the church door by
the priest, or rather the abbot of the monastery. He
looked very holy, had fine blue eyes, a straight nose
and a well-shaped mouth. It was a perfect Christ
head, with divided beard and long hair in curls over
the shoulders ; but the beard and hair were black. He
showed us round.
The church contained large, well-lighted chapels.
The saint, Vasiliy Mangaseiskiy (i.e. of Mangaséya),
was buried there. His sarcophagus stood in the first
large room we entered. Vasiliy was a man from the
government of Yaruslav, in Russia, who came to
Mangaséya on the Tas and lived there, and was buried
there in the seventeenth century. But after that town
had been tåken and burnt by the native Yuraks in
1662, the monk Tikhon of the monastery of Yeniseisk
dreamed one night, so I was told, that he must go and

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