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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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fetch the holy man’s bones ; and he went off, dug him
up, put him on a reindeer sledge, brought him here over
the tundra, and then this monastery was built. This
was, therefore, some time after 1662.
The other version of the legend of this Vasiliy
Mangaseiskiy is that in the days of Mangaséya’s pros
perity he occupied the position of clerk to one of the
richest merchants of that town. As he was a pious,
faithful and upright man, the merchant had entrusted
him with the management of his whole property. One
night, when Vasiliy was at early mass in his master’s
house, he had the misfortune to be robbed of a quantity
of goods by thieves who broke into the warehouse.
The merchant suspected Vasiliy of being accessory to
the crime, and handed him over to the voyevod, that
he might be forced to confess. The youth was put to
the rack, but as he could not be made to bear false
witness against himself, the exasperated merchant gave
him a blow on the head, so violent that Vasiliy gave
up the ghost. He was then pronounced to be a hardened
sinner, and his body was thrown to the dogs without
But more than half a century later a miracle
happened. Tikhon, the founder of the monastery of
the Trinity here, heard one night during his prayers a
divine voice bidding him go to Mangaséya, which was
already abandoned, and fetch the mortal remains of
the unjustly slam Vasiliy, and convey them to this
sanctuary. Ever obedient to the divine commands,
Tikhon at once set out, and covered on foot as a pilgrim
the long, unknown and trackless journey to Mangaséya.
Arrived there, in the depth of winter, he beheld a green,
flowery meadow, and on it lay a youth just fallen asleep,
as it seemed to him, and wrapt in the most blissful
dreams. The aged man knelt by the side of the youth

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