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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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were only Russian tents. In one of them wc found
some people, who had come from farther south and had
been fishing here for a time ; but they had only got 10
poods (360 Ibs.) of fish. The general opinion is that
there is no longer so much fish in this upper part of the
river, since so many people took to fishing in the lowest
part, down towards the estuary. The rest of the tents
belonged to people from the town at Monastir. They
had come here to fish ; but there was nobody in the
tents now. Vostrotin bought some wild duck, which
were a welcome addition to our larder. These Russians
had shot them up a river which runs into the Yenisei,
where they were abundant just at this time.
Farther south there was the same landscape as
before, the same banks, the same flat country inland,
covered by the same forest, with a few coniferous trees
standing up above the foliage here and there, while in
other places the pine forest was more continuous, and
the trees were beginning to be larger and more fit for
timber than they had been farther north.
At the village of Miroyédikha, on the east bank of
the Yenisei (in latitude 65° 36’ N.), the river-side con
sisted of rock from a good way to the north to at least
4 miles farther south. It was a greyish-blue rock which
seemed to be calcareous, as far as I could see in going
past on the water. The remarkable thing about these
beds of rocks is that the river-bank was of pretty much
the same height here as elsewhere, both on the north
and south, where it was composed of sand and clay.
The country inland was just as flat, whether the beds
of rock came to the surface or were covered by loose
strata. I could discover no hills or ridges, nor any
difference on the whole.
It is true that at Troitskiy Monastir I had seen a
low, blue, wooded ridge, far away along the Tunguska ;

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