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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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and it is probable that these beds of rock here at
Miroyédikha have some connection with that ridge,
and with the hilly country along the Tunguska, up
which one cannot go far without coming upon rapids.
But how are we to explain the fact that all this country
on the Yenisei is alike perfectly flat and stands at the
same level, whether we are passing over bedded rocks
or loose strata ? Is it an old plane of marine denuda
tion, formed at the time when these loose strata were
deposited ? But the surface must consist to some ex
tent of old river deposits. Has there been fresh water
here, perhaps, and has this loose rock weathered down
to the surface of the fresh water, while the depressions
between have been filled up with fluvial deposits ?
Such conditions can scarcely have lasted long enough.
Or can wc perhaps suppose that, with the severe
weathering that takes place here, a ridge of loose rock
projecting above the plain might in course of time
weather down to the level of the latter ? It is not
likely that it could be so entirely leveiled with the plain.
The wind might do it ; in the desert it files away pro
jections with drift-sand and fills the depressions ; but
can such conditions have prevailed here ? It is not
easy to say anything about this, without håving made
an examination ashore. Whether there were bedded
rocks on the low west bank of the river I cannot say.
It did not look like it.
There was a very rapid stream, and we made little
headway with the motor, so little that two row-boats
that followed could almost keep up with us, as they
could take advantage of the eddies in the little bays.
We met a boat full of men. It came drifting down
stream. One man lay at his ease with legs stretched
athwart the boat, reading a newspaper aloud to the
others who sat behind him. There was also a man at

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