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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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he has got so far as to be able to use the hand a little
and move the forearm. He manages his pilofs work,
which is chiefly steering, with the left arm ; but what
that man must have suffered before the pains in the
shoulder-joint gradually passed off. Anyone who has
himself tried an arm out of joint will know about that.
Now, he says, his shoulder does not hurt him any more ;
though he has certainly had rheumatism in it.
In the afternoon, about five, we came to a low, flat
sandbank in the middle of the river, called Syrianski
Pesok. On it stood the birch-bark tents of some
Yenisei-Ostiaks, and as the motor wanted cleaning,
we stopped there for the night. When we landed we
found only women and children in the tents, besides a
cripple of a man, lame and bent, with a bandage over
one eye. The men were all out fishing. All the growrn
up people understood Russian. There were two elder
women, both of whom had babies. One of them had
her infant in a basket-work cradle, which was hanging
inside the tent and looked very much like a violin-case.
This is the usual form among these Yenisei-Ostiaks.
The younger woman was rather dark-complexioned,
whether it was the colour of her skin or wrant of washing.
Her face was short and broad, with broad cheeks and a
frank and winning expression. She had a long, green
coat or gown, and her child was also dressed in green.
It looked like the same piece of stuff. As we were
coming, she went off to her own tent, which was a little
farther on, and did not stop when we spoke to her,
whether it was that she was afraid of us or what. We
had to overtake her, and Loris-Melikov gave her one of
Lied’s necklaces of green glass beads. Lied had bought
a lot of this sort of finery for the natives and had given
it to us, so that we might make an impression with it.
She just stood still with the necklace in her hand and asked

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