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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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what she was to do with it. Loris-Melikov explained
that it was to wear round the neck. Whether she cared
for it wc never found out ; but at any rate she became
more tractable, and wc were able to take some photo
graphs of the women and children and the crippled
A fourth woman came up, carrying a child, from a
tent farther off. Wc wanted her to stop so as to get
her in the picture ; but she rushed into the tent with
her child and all our shouting was of no use. After a
while she appeared again, rigged out in shabby Russian
clothes, with a handkerchief over her head. Now she
was ready to be photographed ; but wc would rather
have had her as she was before. An elderly man then
came up, with a handkerchief tied round his head, in
the way they often wear it. He had a longer and
narrower face than the first man ; but he, too, looked
somewhat paralyzed. Finally, a strongly built elderly
man arrived, with a good, powerful face, which showed
more signs of race ; and with him was another woman.
He told us that he was blind. The male sex seemed to
be rather defective just here.
There appeared to be two types of face among these
people : a short and broad face, more typically brachy
cephalic, with heavy cheek-bones, which was most
marked in the dark young woman, in the first crippled
man, and in this bigger man who arrived last. Then
there was a rather longer type of face with a more
Aryan look, faces that wc might often see among our
people at home ; this type was seen in the other man,
and in a couple of the elder women. Whether these
features were due to mixture with Russians or were
original, I cannot say. Should the latter be the case,
one would have to suppose that the other type was
due to mixture with other native races (?). They

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