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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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moonlight, but had to give it an exposure of ten minutes.
This was in front of the future telegraph station, a
timber house that the Government had rented for
240 roubles a year. While I was busy with the camera,
a man who lived next door came and looked on, and when
he heard what I was about, he at once told his aunt,
who lived in the house beyond the telegraph station,
to hold a candle for me in the window, so that I might
see to photograph, and his wife had to do the same in
the house opposite. A woman came out of it in her
nightdress and held a candle on the doorstep, and more
women arrived from various quarters to assist. No
doubt they thought that in this way the photograph
would turn out better. I went away from them, leaving
the shutter open. When I came back in ten minutes
to close it again, the aunt had also come out of her
house, and there stood three women in a row, laughing,
with candles in their hands, evidently thinking they
would come into the picture ; for they had posed nicely
arm in arm, though I can’t say they were standing
Wc visited the priest at his house. He had formerly
officiated on the Khåtanga, and had also been on the
Anåbara. But his father had been priest here, and
now he had been transferred to this place. He told us
a great deal about the people and their life here. There
had recently been many Yenisei-Ostiaks at this spot,
getting their supplies for the winter ; but now they had
gone back to the districts that they haunt. He also
told us that the Russian fråveller, Anuchin, had been
here to study the natives, and that last winter the
young Finnish philologist, Donner, had stayed here for
a time to study the Yenisei-Ostiaks and their language.
This was of special interest to me. I was aware that
Donner, whom I knew, had gone to study the language

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