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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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There are now more larches again ; for a time wc saw
few of them. Cedar is not so plentiful here as to form
a continuous wood in any place. It usually stands here
and there among the others.
Of foliferous trees, besides birch, there is mostly
aspen, alder, and various kinds of willow ; the larches
have also begun to turn yellow, but otherwise the pro
nounced yellow tint of the forest is mainly due to the
birch. There is a lot of it, and it goes far inland, so
that the forest is quite yellow along the low ridges away
from the river. Along the bank, especially on the low
islands, there are meadows here and there among thickets
of willow, and there we see haystacks. It is always
strange to see them standing beside this great forest,
where wood has no value ; and yet even here they never
build a barn.
Towards evening there was a beautiful island in the
middle of the river. Lofty, straight pine-trees stood
close together, forming a sort of crown in the middle of
the bright water. The sun was just setting behind the
dark forest on the west, and its rays fell on the tree-tops
and over the country on the east with its wooded ridges
flecked with gold, far away. There is good nyelma
fishing here, and for this reason the island is called
Nyelmovoiy Ostrov. Sturgeon is also caught here.
At seven o’clock wc reached Sumarokova, where wc
were to take in oil for the engine. There was plenty of life
on the shore when wc arrived ; people walking hither
and thither, shouting and bawling ; and along the low,
sandy beach lay over thirty Yenisei-Ostiak boats, with a
forest of masts. This was a joyful sight ; now, at last, wc
should have a good look at these people. There were
also some birch-bark tents here and there on the beach,
within which lights were visible, and a few open fires
were burning near the water’s edge. High above this

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