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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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The growth of beard in many of them was more pro
nounced than one would expect in an Asiatic people
like this, even though there was not so very much beard
to be seen. The women looked, throughout, more
Asiatic than the men. Several of them appeared to be
typical short-skulls, but had not oblique eyes.
Here, again, I thought I could distinguish several
types of face, especially among the men. While some
faces were short and broad, with a nose relatively flat
and broad below, there was another type of longer and
narrower face, with a nose quite sharp, longer and
narrower, more like an ordinary European. In a few
cases, where the eyebrows were drawn up a little at the
outer end, this might give the eyes a somewhat oblique
appearance. Which of these types was the more
original and genuine for Yenisei-Ostiaks, it is difficult to
say. The first, short and broad type of face has more
resemblance to the surrounding peoples, Tunguses on
one side, Ostiaks on the other, and Samoyedes on the
north. The other was more peculiar, but might be
supposed to be more mixed with European blood,
although it did not exactly remind one of the Russians
either, and the growth of beard was much more scanty.
The great majority of both types had dark hair, often
black, though a brownish tinge was also common ; the
pronouncedly short-skulled type undoubtedly tends to
be darkest. The complexion, or colour of the skin, was
fair in all cases, and not so yellow, or yellowish-brown,
as one finds it, for instance, in the Tunguses.
At one of the fires a woman was engaged in cooking
a porridge of dark rye-meal with lumps in it, which she
squeezed out with her shapely little hand and threw
into the porridge. It seemed to be a sort of middlings.
It was for the dogs, she said, in reply to our question ;
and it was exactly like dog’s porridge at home. Close

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