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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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steep and lofty rocky island, Monastirskiy (Monastery
The ridges on both sides of the river must be com
posed of rock. Their height is fairly uniform, and they
seem to stand at about the same level as the ridges
consisting partly of loose soil farther north. The
ridges on the east side are perfectly flat on the top and
seem to fix the level of a platform out of which the river
has cut its bed. The stream became stronger as wc
approached the rapids past Monastirskiy, which lay in
And then the gorge opened out and the mighty mass
of water came flowing smoothly down towards us—a
grand sight. The water was rushing with white crests
past all the points of rock, but everywhere else it flowed
swiftly and smoothly, with whirlpools here and there
and eddies rising to the surface. The boat trembled
in the current, as she worked her way forward under the
wooded cliffs.
Wc took advantage of the slack water along the
bank as much as possible ; but after passing Monas
tirskiy wc had to go right across the rapids to the little
island on the other side. Wc steered diagonally through
a mighty mass of rushing water. It was already
beginning to grow dark. Above us heavy, threaten
ing clouds hung over the lofty, black cliffs, and below
us was this irresistible mass of flowing water. One
felt oneself in the power of mighty forces. Beyond
the little island in the channel wc passed into a calmer
backwater ; but soon wc were in midstream again,
until wc came under the land right over on the other
side of the river.
The evening grew steadily darker, with deep blue
clouds over the western sky and a glimpse of the sunset
between them. The mighty waters still rushed under

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