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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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land farther south in the open grass and steppe country,
where they only have to plough and the land yields
a rich crop under a milder sky. But the turn of these
regions will come, and cattle-raising and dairy-farming
especially are bound to flourish here. What a rich
country, what immense future possibilities.
It is quite autumn all at once, after the summerlike
weather we have had—drizzling rain and a cold wind.
The great birches have already shed their leaves and
spread their bare branches in the moist and heavy air.
But we are only a little past the middle of September.
This is about a month earlier than at home, and we are in
latitude 60° N., or about the same as Christiania.
As we lay at anchor in the evening, at Yartsevo,
we got some delicious cowberries aboard, as well as
bird cherries, which are commonly eaten here in Siberia.
Altogether there are many wild berries here, cloudberries
in abundance—though we have not seen any—rasp
berries, bilberries, and strawberries. Wild red and black
currants are also said to be found far to the north ;
I heard of them even north of the Kureika, but did not
see them.
Friday, September 19. We are hurrying on faster
and faster now. This morning we started at about
half-past four. We must make the best use of our time,
if we are to reach Yeniseisk on Sunday.
From beyond latitude 60° N. southward we now have
a steep wooded ridge of rock along the eastern side of the
river, while the western side is quite low and consists
of loose soil. The villages lic on the low west bank. It
it curious that here again we meet with the same re
markable difference between the right and left banks
of the river. There is no getting away from it that
this is due to the earth’s rotation, even though there
may here be the additional factor of an actual difference

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