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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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in the geological structure of the strata at the same level
on the two sides of the river. Along the right (east)
side the hill country begins to rise towards the east,
while on the west side there is flat sandy country with
low shelving banks. I account for this by the river
håving moved eastward, to the right, over the sandy
plains, until it came upon the rock, when it flowed along
it until, in the neighbourhood of the rapids, it was forced
to cut its way through and turn off to the right, after
håving first formed a widening with many islands.
Even though it may appear that the Yenisei in this
region follows a line of dislocation in the beds of rock—
where the soil on the west side has sunk to a lower level,
while the rocky soil has remained standing asa" horst "
in its original position on the east side—it may never
theless be due to the deflecting effect of the earth’s
rotation that the river has actually arrived at this
line of dislocation, håving been stopped by it in the
course of its movement to the right.
Farther south, in the neighbourhood of the village of
Sergyeeva the country is again perfectly flat and low,
as it was farther north, and no ridge was to be seen
from the river on either side.
Wc have now really entered the corn-growing country,
which extends for an immense distance to the south,
right into Mongolia. But everywhere the village or
mir system prevails, where the people live in small
communes (mirs), owning the land in common, and the
fields that each man is to cultivate are divided at longer
or shorter intervals among the inhabitants of the village,
a division which is frequently attended by a good deal
of quarrelling and dissension. I cannot help thinking
that this system must hinder any higher development
of agriculture ; since it is obvious that, if a man owns
his land himself, and knows that it will be his for life

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