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(1914) [MARC] Author: Fridtjof Nansen Translator: Arthur G. Chater - Tema: Russia
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better there, wc gave it up and went aboard again ;
but the crew wanted bread and went ashore to ransack
the village ; they too returned empty-handed.
From the edge of the forest to the south of the
village wc heard the music of a concertina and women’s
laughter. It was the young people who were amusing
themselves there. Down by the shore wc heard the
chatter of boys, who were splashing in the water and
playing in the moonlight late at night, while the others
were asleep.
Saturday, September 20. I was roused at six this
morning by the boat heeling over to my side and some
of Loris-Melikov’s toilet bottles rolling down, followed
by a map. What on earth was it ? There could not
be any sea here, and the boat still lay over on her side.
It felt as if wc lay still. I was now wide awake ; wc
must be aground ! Now I could hear the engine going
full speed astern, and I saw our well-fed captain, who
had been sleeping soundly, squeeze his round stomach
between the table and the door to get on deck.
By moving aft some kegs containing the fish bought
by the crew, now nearly rotten, and then pushing off
forward with long poles, wc soon came off again,
and wc had not lost many minutes. It was the first
time they had been aground during the four years
he had been on the boat, the captain said. But this
was not through any merit of his ; for in spite of these
four years he did not yet know the channel and the
banks in this river. The way it happened was that the
pilot wanted to light a cigarette, and as there was a
wind, he had to turn round to strike the match, and
meanwhile the boat ran on to the sandbank on the
land side.
During the forenoon wc stopped for a little while
at Kholmogorovo to get the bread for the crew which

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